Papers provided: I try to provide here pdf files for versions of the papers which I expect people might be interested in downloading. Usually, if a non-conference online version is provided for a conference-only paper, then it is the future journal version of the paper and may be newer. If the paper is already in a journal, then the version there may contain last-minute corrections not in the online version. Apart from some exceptions, the following does not contain older versions of articles, such as online conference versions of papers for which a full journal version already exists. If you would like a copy of a paper that is not available here, please email me. I also in general do not put not-yet-accepted papers online, but I am more accommodating through email.

Please email me about anything you see missing here.

Note about pdf: Most files are produced using pdfLaTeX. Some older files for which I don’t have the source (or the source is ancient pre-LaTeX2e) were converted from Postscript using ps2pdf, and so are of lower quality.

Copyrights: Almost without exception, all publications are the copyright of the journal and/or proceedings publishers in which they appeared (and posting the versions here is within the generally acceptable practice for published articles). One notable exception is the open-content Theory of Computing journal that does not require a copyright transfer.