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Welcome to my site.

  • Address: Computer Science Department, Technion, Technion City, Haifa 3200003, Israel.
  • Email: eldar@cs.technion.ac.il. If I seem to not get an email, send it again, and do not forget the “cs” in the address.
  • Phone: (+972-4)-8293967. No fax. From inside Israel the prefix is (04).
  • I generally do not use social networks. Good old email is the best way to contact me.
  • Please contact me by email for any material that is not here.

Last notable updates: 5.9.2022 – I am looking for a PostDoc, see above. 26.6.2022 – A new conference paper, [RANDOM22], and updates to the probabilistic methods course archive. 29.9.2021 – Updates to the archive page for the courses I’ve taught last year. 1.1.2021 – Some updates to [ITCS21], here’s for a better year. 8.12.2020 – added [ITCS21]. 16.9.2020 – added the 2019 Probabilistic Methods exercises and solutions to the courses archive section. 10.9.2020 – Added materials for my Property Testing course to the courses archive section. 9.12.2019 – Added a new publication, [ITCS20]. 27.8.2019 — moved [STACS17] to [Algo19]. 4.8.2019 — added the Algorithms 1 course booklet (in a new section) to the course archives. 1.7.2019 — added material to the course archives; also moved [DISC16] to [DistComp19] (its journal version) and updated the file. 30.4.2019 — added a (newly remastered) pdf for [RSA-04]; if you need a currently missing pdf for any other article, please tell me.